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Gray Fullbuster- Let me help by TruPink
Gray Fullbuster- Let me help
Love love love Gray from Fairytail.

"Let me help you out of those Gray" hehehehehehe

Gray in Chibi form used my Copic markers
Sketch designs by TruPink
Sketch designs
Darius is my harry potter character
Fawn is for an Infamous rp group still in the works
Both belong to me
Illegibilus: Darius  A. Parker by TruPink
Illegibilus: Darius A. Parker
 For :iconillegibilus:

I will add his info after i get off work

Name:  Darius Alexander Parker
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight:143 lbs
Birthday: May 30th
House:  Hufflepuff
Year:  5th year
        • Wand Ingredients
            - Core: Phoenix Feather
            - Length: Thirteen and three quarters
            - Wood: Vine
            - Flexibility: Unyielding

        • Spells:
  • Lumos Charm - Lumos, Lianglang, or Chhalla
    • Creates a bright light at the end of the caster's wand, which will persist until it is dismissed or specifically countered.
  • Counterspell - Finite Incantatem, Finite, or Nonverbal
    • Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect. Though taught at an early age, the actual effects of this spell are heavily dependent on the power and skill of the wizard casting it - it is widely used in everything from dueling to medicine, but has relatively limited utility to novices.
  • Summoning Charm - Accio, Invito, or Yaoqing
    • Summons an inanimate object to the caster. Objects held by someone else are generally impossible to summon in this manner.
  • Assaulting Hex - Oppugno or Awqana
    • Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim.
  • Locking Charm - Colloportus
    • Locks a latch, preventing it from being opened by nonmagical means. Colloportus also prevents the function of Alohomora.
  • Rennervate - Rennervate
    • A moderately complex healing charm, which causes an unconscious subject to awaken. Some conditions, such as powerful magically-induced unconsciousness, are non-responsive.
        • Personality:

Darius always has been a very gentle sweet natured boy that everyone liked or at least the girls flocked to it would seem. Though he would shy away from the group of girls that would gather around him being as bashful as he was the things girls would say to him just would turn him bright red. Poor Darius has a pure mind and heart to anything that would but romantic between two people. He daydreams becoming spacey even in classes where people even teachers thinks he is not listening but really he achieved perfect marks in his classes indicating he understood it all even for his spacey tendencies that came and go at random.  To things or people he loved he was very dedicated to them never backing down from a challenge put before him he does almost obsessively that others would have to pull him away when things would get out of hand depending on the situation.
His enthusiasm for the finer things in the world such as flowers and nature is something he's loved having been raised in caring for flowers in the families flower shop. Darius at times seems so mature in others eyes but then so childish at times, even jealousy would abound upon him at the oddest times but he never understood how come. Like when it comes to a girl when he was but 8 he had his first crush and was so jealous when she was with other boys. It scared him that he would go back to his safety space of caring for his flowers. 

        • Background:

 Darius was born the the Parker family on a rainy night in the families green house. There was no way his mother was going to be able to get to the hospital being so far away from the closest one. The pains she felt his mother knew that it was soon her husband was frantic on what to do but kept his cool seeing his dear little wife in so much pain as she did the breathings that all the birthing classes taught them about. After a fast labor the Parkers were blessed with their very first baby who they blessed with the name Darius after his great grandfather on his fathers side.
The Parkers are loving good people raising Darius into loving flowers such as they do finding the satisfaction of happy faces of customers. The flower shop did well bringing in the means to live they were neither very rich or very poor they made due. Always putting Darius before themselves. Three years later another blessing joined the family a little girl, Darius had a sister that he knew he would have to protect no matter what for even a three year old. His parents let him name his sister the first name he thought of was Lilly being that flower was his most favorite.
As he grew he made friends having gone to schools with other muggles even knowing that he was not one of them. Which wasn't a bother to him he preferred to keep things to himself since he wasn't much on talking about himself. He always let others talk about themselves all the time he did have troubles with girls who fawned after him he was clueless as to why they liked him the way they did. He never saw them more but friends he was unaware of love just never had much interest even more so when he was 8 having these strong feelings for a girl. He turned away from it obsessing more over the families flower shop. Time passed by with their ups and downs his sister Lilly did give the family a scare when she came down with a strong case of pneumonia Darius thought he would loose his baby sister which was tearing him apart.
The days spent in the hospital was drowning enough at a very dark time for him always blaming himself for his sister getting ill. Even his parents tried to sooth him that things would be okay but thats the thing just okay was not good enough for Darius to let go of what he felt.
Weeks past by the dark clouds that hung over them one more just cleared when Lilly started to finally heal returning back to the happy smiling little girl she once was. After such a scare for the family the following year Darius turned 11 the age he was so impatient to get here. He finally got his Hogwarts letter the school he heard so many stories from his mother and father. He was ready to get more in depth of learning his magic abilities. His parents did teach him small little things let him read more on spells but kept him from trying certain ones until he went to Hogwarts.

So like all other new Hogwarts students he went with his family to Diagon alley which he had been to many times before but now he was able to get his wand from  Olivanders, his books as well as a pet he came across a very young black and white Snowy owl that seemed to be blind in one eye. He knew he wanted this owl for himself even with this little crutch. After a day of fun shopping for his school essentials it time for that day to get on the Hogwarts Express he was a bit sad to leave his dear little family most of all his baby sister but soon enough she would be joining him at the school as well.
Year after year of school he achieved good standings with the teachers his ability to learn quick even with being so spacey as he was. Many adventures came and went at Hogwarts the wonders of such a magical school, All the years he kept to his studies never really getting into all that dating stuff that some of his guy friends had turned to mostly cause girls made him nervous and the many intimate silly details his buds would mention it made him uneasy. There were pretty girls that showed great interest in him as he did with his friends push to take a girl to a dance the school would hold. In the end he would make it known he was not ready for such greater steps that the other would like he did it in the most kindest way possible not wanting to hurt the others feelings.
Now he was again back at Hogwarts for his 5th year 2 years away from graduating what new adventures would come about this year, would there be love, fights, or something unworldly to happy only time would tell.

        • Family: Mother and father, his sister Lilly

        • Likes & Dislikes: 
+The sky
+Pretty cute things/people
-Dark tight spaces
-Being surrounded by big groups
-rule breaking
-sour food
-Bullies/ mean people
-Pushy people

        • Elective Classes:
            - Care of Magical Creatures
            - Divination
        • Extra Curricular:
            - Earth Magic
            - Xylomancy

        • Pet:
            - Name: Bear
            - Species: Snowy Owl
            - Gender:Male
            - Personality: Stubborn - Loyal - Clumsy
                                  Bear is a very stubborn soul even with his crutch of not being able to see out of one eye it never stopped him, keeps to his master, and is very clumsy running into things from time to time.
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